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Bilbo's Motorhome & Camper Van Guide

Bilbo's VW T5 Nexa

Bilbo's Design is a motorhome and camper van conversion company based in Surrey. Established in 1977 Bilbo's have been manufacturing motorhomes and Volkswagen campervan conversions including the Volkswagen T4 and Volkswagen T5 camper vans.

In 1991 Bilbos launched their own conversions on the VWT4, three main variants with the choice of low side pop top or high top. The Celeste, a conventional side unit layout with rear facing seat, Breakaway with a wider rear seat and bed and Nektar with a rear kitchen and toilet area. Very clean lines and modern furniture, very tough and practical with a wider choice of engine and base vehicle options often sold by the manufacturer and sole retailer.

In 2004 Bilbos continued their range on the new VW T5 renaming the models to Komba, Celex, Nexa and Lezan. New improved models with up to date features and manufacturing techniques.

Bilbo's Volkswagen T4 Conversions

Bilbo's Volkswagen T4 Celeste
Bilbo's Volkswagen T4 Breakaway
Bilbo's Volkswagen T4 Nektar
Bilbo's Volkswagen T4 Kompak
  • Bilbo's VW T4 Celeste
    A fully fitted camper van with the usual trimmings.
  • Bilbo's VW T4 Breakaway
    A slim line unit variation which allowed for a wider bed seat.
  • Bilbo's VW T4 Nektar
    Fitted out with a rear kitchen and two single beds.
  • Bilbo's VW T4 Kompak
    Featuring 2 + 2 berth with slim line side units and a 4ft 6" wide double bed.

Bilbo's Volkswagen T5 Conversions

Bilbo's Volkswagen T5 High Top
Bilbo's Volkswagen T5 Nexa
Bilbo's Hob & Sink
Bilbo's Volkswagen T5 Celex
  • Bilbo's VW T5 Komba
    An award winning "no nonsense" multipurpose camper van, available as either long or short wheelbase with a double bed.
  • Bilbo's VW T5 Nexa
    A compact VW T5 camper, two single beds and packed with the camper van essentials.
  • Bilbo's VW T5 Lezan
    Factory fitted with a Volkswagen T5 high-top this camper offers twin berth comfortable living with all the refinements.
  • Bilbo's VW T5 Celex
    Designed by camper for campers with a double bed and good storage for the perfect road trip.
I am still very pleased with van, I have had some great trips away in it, the biggest being the South of France last August for two weeks windsurfing.
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